Wil Wheaton asks Discovery Channel to say sorry for their lies!


Actor, super nerd, tabletop gamer, and all round great guy, Wil Wheaton has come out guns blazing at the Discovery Channel after a documentary on what he calls “one of the coolest megasharks ever” – the prehistoric Megalodon was filled with lies.

Discovery Channel kicked off their ever popular Shark Week with the documentary Megalodon: The Monster Shark That Lives which started off with some footage they claimed to have found of something huge hitting a fishing boat.

I immediately knew something was amiss,” Wheaton said.

He goes on to point out the flaws in the “found footage”, how it was not shot by an amateur and that the camera would simply not survive in salt water.

Megalodon Jaws - Photo from Wikipedia user Spotty11222

Megalodon Jaws – Photo from Wikipedia user Spotty11222

“The footage was alleged to have been found in April … but then it got so much worse: Discover Channel started Shark Week with a completely fake, completely made-up, completely bulls**t “documentary and they lied to their audience about it. They presented it as real,” he said.

Wheaton links to an article from the Discover Channel where they point out that the “documentary” was, in fact, a lie.

In the post Wheaton stated that he turned the show off after just 15 minutes claiming that he was so angry he was having a hard time staying focused.

“Why bother getting upset about yet another stupid “found footage” fake documentary passed off as real? Isn’t that pretty much par for the course on cable these days? And then I realized why I was (and am) so angry: I care about education. I care about science. I care about inspiring people to learn about the world and universe around us,” he said.

According to Wheaton, Discovery Channel has betrayed the trust of its audience. A channel that is built on educating people attempted to pass off a fake documentary as something that was real in order to make money. This is why we deserve an apology.

Check out Wil Wheaton’s scathing post here: http://wilwheaton.net/2013/08/discovery-channel-owes-its-viewers-an-apology/

So has Shark Week’s reputation been tarnished? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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